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Strandskovens Camping is situated on nature grounds without numbered boots. It is therefore not possible to book any space in advance for your own tents or Caravans.

Fee per Night in own Tent or Caravan - 2007

Adults DKr. 66.00
Children (0-11) DKr. 33.00
Electricity/day DKr. 24.00
Shower DKr. 2.00

Hire of Cabin or Caravan
incl. electricity and night fee

Hire out of Cabins and Caravans for the season 2007 begins on
February 1st. 2007 at 8.00 AM

Category A B


1 day DKr. 450.00 DKr. 475.00 DKr. 575.00
High Season only weeks
(Week 26 -32)
DKr. 3300.00  
DKr. 4200.00
*) addition for toilet in caravan DKr. 200,00.
Category A: 15 m2 Cabin, covered terrace, 5 persons.
Category B: 20 m2 Cabin, terrace, 6 persons. or
Caravan w/tent, hire of Toilet, 4 persons.
Category C: 25 m2 Cabin, covered terrace, Toilet,
6 persons.

Camping pass

All guests staying on a camping site in Denmark must have a valid Camping pass. Either International pass or Danish camping pass, which can be made upon arrival.

Single DKr. 90.00
Family DKr. 90.00
Group DKr. 90.00

Transfer passes can be made for DKr. 25.00/night. This is an advantage if You have less than 3 nights stay in one year.